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Korean Drama Review

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Living up to its mission to bring fans the most comprehensive celebration Korean Drama of all aspects of Korean entertainment, KCON 2015 USA has confirmed stars Kim Soo Hyun, Daniel Henney, Son Ho Jun and Ki Hong Lee have been added to the Los Angeles lineup. I have a couple native Korean girlfriends who I chat with about dramas and a lot of the time when they give me suggestions of what to watch I don’t see what is so great about them or I just flat out hate them. As one reviewer noted and I agree, this series in particular was a writer’s drama rather than a director’s drama. This is the one that made me buy stuffs online and the reason I love FT Island.

The incarnation of was very good,but the romantic part of it was too childish,there was no romance at all that kill the testes for me,Gu Family Book was good in the beginning,but couldn’t watch it anymore when the whole thing turn to be middle school children drama,specially the fighting seen was very bad,that drama might have high rating,the writing was very poor, sometime one wander why such a poor written drama have high ratings,is beyond me I just don’t understand.

If you aren’t already, follow @geniustakes on twitter – a bunch of us watch and tweet at that account so as not to spoil people who are still catching up. Their deep analysis of Korean dramas and culture has really facilitated my enjoyment of Korean media. Longtime scholar of Korea and its vibrant, politically acute theater, Richard Nichols opens with a general overview of modern Korean drama since 1910 and concludes with an appendix describing theater production and audience attendance in Seoul. At the same time, they offer students and scholars a sophisticated survey of the modern Korean dramatic tradition.

There was also some progress made on the urban fantasy end of Korean dramas although somewhat slower. In many case, Korean dramas tended to walk the line by creating hybrid urban fantasy shows. Another more current trend is to make stop-gap” urban fantasy shows which introduce supernatural elements as a gimmick into a standard Korea drama. You can see that, as time goes by and more and more shows introduce supernatural elements, the Korean audience is becoming more accepting of the urban fantasy genre.

In this case, all those variable choices mostly subtract from it. Editing choices are odd – the drama uses an odd kaleidoscope effect to shift abruptly from past to present and back again – and the pacing is slower than in the first drama. The biggest problem, however, is Ha Ji Won’s Oh Ha Na (You Qing in the Taiwanese drama). Having to watch the process” of them finding” each other makes the moment they finally become a dating couple all the better.


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